There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at your convenience.  It can be as involved as being a parent officer, board member, committee member or simply signing up to volunteer in a specific area or event. Take a look at the different volunteer opportunities below to find the perfect fit where you can contribute your talents and help make a difference in your student’s life and in your community. We appreciate you taking interest and look forward to working together.

Required Forms
 Before volunteering, you must fill out the OCPS “Additions” forms and you must be approved by the school district. Chaperones must also print and fill out the Chaperone form and turn it in to Mr. Cox. Find both forms at the OCPS Volunteer page.

Parent Officer Opportunities


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 The primary responsibilities of the Medical Crew is to maintain accurate medical information for each band member and to assist the band members, staff and accompanying parents with first aid for minor injuries or illness.

Additional volunteers are welcomed, previous medical experience is not required.

Donations of bug spray, sun screen, benadryl spray or cream, ace wraps, gauze bandages, Band-Aids, Neosporin ointment, icy hot patches or cream, protein bars and any other first aid items are appreciated.

Please contact the President if you would like to volunteer or have questions.

Off-Campus Concessions seeks to create income for the TCHS band program by selling concessions at various events not held at Timber Creek. Our primary venues for doing this are currently the Amway Center and the Citrus Bowl. At each event, we are responsible for the set-up, cooking, selling, and clean up of the stand we are assigned. Our commission is based on the gross sales our stand makes. The more we sell, the more we earn. When you work with us, you earn money that goes into your Trip Account and you also earn money that goes into the General Band Fund to support the various band programs.

At most events we coordinate a group of 8-10 TCHS band parents and students (who are at least 16 years old) to work in one of the concession stands at the Amway Centre or the Citrus Bowl. We have to schedule the events we work over a month in advance. We try not to schedule any event to work that will conflict with the football games or competitions that The Regiment will be performing in. That way we can support our students when they perform.

It is easy to learn where to go and what to do at these events. We always welcome new people. Those of us who have worked together at the different events have concluded that this is a great opportunity for fellowship with other parents and students. As we average about 8 people a night, you really get a chance to get to know the different people with whom you work.

If you would like to help out at an Off-Campus Event, please contact the President.



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Band students are almost always chaperoned during any sort of band outing. We take the safety of students very seriously. Students, band staff, and parents all agree to band conduct guidelines.

Chaperones are especially busy during football games. They take the responsibility of supervising band students on buses and verify that all students obey band conduct guidelines. They serve the students by supplying ice, water, cups, and other supplies to help keep the band students hydrated or dry during those occasional rainy games.

The Chaperone Coordinator takes the responsibility of supplying the band director, as required, with chaperones for all band functions. The Chaperone Coordinator also works to ensure that all chaperones meet the standards for supervising band students. They verify all parent chaperones adhere to all Orange County Public School regulations and band conduct guidelines.

If you’d like to help chaperone students this year, please contact the Chaperone Officer